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The Latest Study Shows That Broccoli Extract On Type 2 Diabetes Have A Certain Effect
Jul 27, 2017

For broccoli, I believe we are very familiar with, and its effect and role is also understood. Recently, the researchers found that the broccoli extract in type 2 diabetes, the potential role.

Studies have shown that broccoli extract contains antioxidant sulforaphane, which is a novel antidiabetic component that significantly reduces blood sugar levels. The mechanism of action of sulforaphane in lowering blood glucose is achieved primarily by inhibiting the enzyme that stimulates glucose production in

Researchers have mapped the genetic map of diabetic patients and found that 50 genes play an important role in it. After that, the researchers compared the genetic markers of thousands of active ingredients associated with these key genes to find compounds that are specific for gene expression in hepatocytes.

Broccoli Extract 西蓝花.jpg

Researchers using computer mathematical analysis of 2800 active substances were evaluated and found that radish sulfur has a strong application characteristics of diabetes-related gene expression showed a strong impact.


Researchers carried out animal studies to test the cells of dietary-induced diabetic mice and found that blood glucose was reduced by 23% for 4 consecutive weeks, while metformin reduced blood sugar by 24%.

Researchers recruited about 100 type 2 diabetes subjects using metformin almost all, allowing them to take radish sulfur every morning for 12 weeks. The study found that compared with the placebo group, the experimental group of low blood glucose control and BMI (one of the potential factors of elevated blood sugar) in 30 and above the crowd's blood glucose levels were significantly reduced.


However, the concentration of sulforaphane used in the study is about 100 times that of broccoli, that is, to consume 4 to 5 kilograms of broccoli per day, and it seems impossible to control blood sugar by eating so much broccoli every day. Researchers said that if the broccoli processed into food or drink, can be used as a functional food, not only convenient, may be subject to a certain attraction

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