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Studies Have Shown That Broccoli Extracts Have A Potentially Positive Effect On Specific Receptors In The Gut
Nov 14, 2017

Recently, research published in the Journal of Functional Foods showed that when some components of broccoli are broken down, they produce new metabolites that have a potentially positive effect on specific receptors in the gut.


AHR way of action

The researchers added that good intestinal barrier function means that the gut helps to protect itself from toxins and harmful microbes while allowing nutrients to enter the digestive system more efficiently. In this animal study, the researchers in mice as the research object, the results showed that mice ingested broccoli changed the intestinal flora, improve the intestinal resistance to chemical hazards - which shows that the West Blue Flower pair The maintenance of intestinal homeostasis has a positive effect. According to Gary Perdew, this effect of broccoli may be mainly through a receptor in the intestine called Aromatic Receptor (AHR), which can help the body regulate certain environmental pollutants And toxin reaction.


New data also show that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, such as brussels sprouts and cabbage, contain a compound called indole-like glucosinolate that breaks down into other compounds, including indole and carbazole in the stomach Azole (ICZ). It is due to the combination of ICZ and AHR that the gut receptors are activated, thereby improving a series of functions of the gut, including the barrier function and maintaining the balance of gut flora.


Although AHR has long been thought to have potential for some immune and digestive functions in the gut, Perdew notes that over-activation of receptors may cause toxicity. However, the use of broccoli to activate gut receptors, rather than the systemic receptors, may help to avoid over-activation problems. For example, dioxin also activates the receptor, but it produces toxicity when it is activated. But the researchers wondered if the receptor could be locally activated to cause it to cause mild AHR activation in the gut, but it would not cause systemic activation and would not have a negative effect. According to the team, this method of activation can help prevent a variety of diseases, including cancer and Crohn's disease caused by intestinal inflammation.


Mouse studies are applicable to humans

Perdew and his team used the gene sequences of two groups of mice in the study. One group of mice had a lower ability of gene-binding ICZ and AHR and the other group had higher binding capacity. The researchers then added 15% broccoli to both groups of mice.


After adding a substance that causes digestive problems, the researchers said that a group of mice that could better integrate ICZ with AHR were not affected by chemicals that could cause digestive problems, with poor binding capacity A group of mice was significantly affected by the substance. Perdew said that for humans, the dose of broccoli used in the study equaled 3.5 cups of broccoli per day.


Gary Perdew said that three glasses of half-blue flower may look a lot, but in fact not much. The blue-broccoli variety used by researchers, which contains only half of the indole-type glucosinolates as biologically active ingredients, has twice as much as some common varieties. Therefore, the researchers concluded that the cultivation and breeding of indocyanine glucosinolates higher levels of bluegrass beneficial to human health.


The researchers revealed that the content of indole-type glucosinolates in Brussels sprouts can reach three times that of broccoli, that is, as long as a glass of Brussels sprouts is ingested, the above effect can be achieved. In addition, the researchers suggest that those suffering from certain digestive diseases such as colitis may be doctors will make them eat less coarse grains, but in the diet more intake of some Brussels sprouts or in good health.

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