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Ice Cream Add Strawberry Extract For 3 Hours Without Melting
Sep 11, 2017


Kanazawa University professor Ota Fu long participated in the ice cream research and development work. Japan's Asahi Shimbun quoted him as saying that the strawberry polyphenol extract could prevent oil and water from separating and thus had the effect of keeping the ice cream frozen.

Interestingly, this is known as "not melting" the birth of ice cream is derived from a pastry division of a mistake: he will strawberry polyphenols added to the dessert, and found the dessert cream slowly solidified. Inspired by the researchers finally developed a difficult to melt the ice cream.

But do not know whether this ingredient is beneficial to the human body harmless, if it is, not melting ice cream after the promotion must be very popular. Xiao Bian see full of business opportunities.

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