Cranberry Extract Powder

Cranberry Extract Powder

Cranberry extract powder Product Description Blueberry extract powder is a natural substance sold in supplement form. Said to offer a range of health benefits, blueberry extract is often...


Cranberry Extract Powder

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Product Description

Blueberry extract powder is a natural substance sold in supplement form. Said to offer a range of health benefits, blueberry extract

is often touted as a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants include anthocyanins, a class of compounds purported to reduce

inflammationand protect against heart disease and cancer.

The extract from the fruit is composed of antioxidant phytochemicals called flavonoids which secrete powerful properties in boosting

out harmful toxins from the body known to be as free radicals and a leading cause to disease development. Other beneficial elements

present are anthocyanosides for blood flow improvement and tannins as anti-inflammatory agent.

Product NameManufacturer blueberry powder extract
Latin NameVaccinium angustifoliumPlace of OriginChina
GradeFood gradePart Usedblueberry fruit
GMO StatusGMO freeAppearancePurple fine powder
OdorCharacteristicActive Ingredientvitamins, trace elements

blueberry powder extract are made from Blueberries, which is a perennial flowering plants with indigo-colored berries from the section Cyanococcus within the genus Vaccinium (a genus that also includes cranberries, bilberries and grouseberries).

The fruit is a berry 5–16 millimeters in diameter with a flared crown at the end; they are pale greenish at first, then reddish-purple, and finally dark purple when ripe. They are covered in a protective coating of powdery epicuticular wax, colloquially known as the "bloom". blueberry powder extract have a sweet taste when mature, with variable acidity. Blueberry bushes typically bear fruit in the middle of the growing season: fruiting times are affected by local conditions such as altitude and latitude.


1.blueberry powder extract are made under low temperature, rich in vitamins. blueberry powder extract have rich nutrients.

3.100% made by blueberry juice, have good soubility in water.

ApplicationUsed in foods, beverages, cold drink and cakes.
Shelf life24 Months
Package25kg/fiber drum
StorageStore in cool and dry place. Keep away from strong light.

Functions & Application

1. Anti-oxident

2. Enhance the immune system ability.

3. Reduce heart disease and stroke occurred

4. Help to prevent various free radicals related diseases

5. Reduce the number of cold and shorten the duration

6. Enhance flexibility of arteries and veins and blood capillary

7. Relaxation vascular so as to promote the blood flow and the high blood pressure

8. Resistance to the effect of radiation

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