Garlic Extract Powder Allicin 5% Bulk Supply Odorless Garlic Extract 10:1 20:1 Pure Natural

Garlic Extract Powder Allicin 5% Bulk Supply Odorless Garlic Extract 10:1 20:1 Pure Natural

Product name:Allicin Latin name:Allium sativum Linn. Active ingredient:Allicin Specification: 98% CAS NO. : 539-86-6 Appearance:White to light yellow Powder Flavor: Characteristic taste Particle Size:80% pass through 80 mesh sieve Test mothed: HPLC Extract Solvent: Ethanol & Water



Garlic extract powder Allicin 5% Bulk supply odorless Garlic Extract 10:1 20:1 Pure Natural

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Product Description


Product name:Allicin

Latin name:Allium sativum Linn.    

Active ingredient:Allicin

Specification: 98% 

CAS NO. : 539-86-6

Appearance:White to light yellow Powder

Flavor: Characteristic taste

Particle Size:80% pass through 80 mesh sieve

Test mothed: HPLC

Extract Solvent: Ethanol & Water
Molecular weight:162.26  

Molecular formula:C6H10OS2 

Solubility:Soluble in water, alcohol and ether, chloroform, insoluble in petroleum ether.

Usage: Pharmaceuticals, healthcares,and cosmetic

Garlic is Liliaceae, Allium bulbs medicine.Garlic plant in spring,the summer harvest, bar, suspension and ventilated place,

dried spare. June leaf blight excavation, removal of sediment, ventilation, air dry or bake until the skin dry. Best quality 

garlic extract allicin from xi'an rongsheng biotecnology.Garlic is spherical or short conical outside offwhite or pale brown 

the membranous scaly skin, stripped of scale leaves, 6 to 10 garlic cloves, wheel born in the stems around the stem base coils, 

raw majority fibrous roots. Each clove of garlic outsourcing film, strip the film, that see white, thick, fleshy scales.Garlic has 

a strong smell and spicy taste.


Allicin is an organosulfur compound obtained from garlic, a species in the family Alliaceae.pests.Garlic has been used for centuries 

to prevent cancer, atherosis, coronary heart disease; strengthen physical force; anti-bacteria, and certain effect for asthma, diabetes and cold. It is also reported to cure HIV for the children in African.

The cardioprotective benefits associated with garlic are generally attributed to the various sulfur compounds that can be isolated from 

the raw clove,these compounds, which include alliin, allicin, sallyl-cysteine, s-methyl-cysteine and many others are found in varying concentrations in garlic, cheves, leeks, shallots and onions


1.Garlic extract allicin is used as wideide-spectrum antibiotic, bacteriostasis and sterilization.

2.Allicin can clear away heat and toxic material, activating blood and dissolving stasis.

3.Garlic extract allicin can lowerblood pressure and blood-fat,and protect brain cell.

4.Allicin also resist tumor and enhanc human immunity and delaying aging.

5.It is used as a carminative, aphrodisiac, expectorant and stimulant. 

6.It possesses anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, hypolipidemic, anticoagulant, hypoproteinemic, hypocholesteremic, antibacterial, 

antifungal, antihypertensive and hypoglycemic action. 

7.It increases prothrombin time and fibrinolytic action. 

8.It is used in dermatophytosis, cough, febrifuge, in intermittent fever, earache, dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, reduction of mineralization and antifertility. 

9.It is also used as a rubefacient, hepatoprotective and anti-androgenic. 


1.Applied in food field, it is mainly as a functional food additives used in cookie, bread, meat products and so on; 

2.Applied in health product field, it is often made into capsule to lower blood pressure and blood-fat; 

3.Applied in pharmaveutical field, it is mainly used in treating bacterial infection, gastroenteritis and cardiovascular diseases; 

4.Applied in feed additive field, it is mainly used in feed additive for protecting the poultry, livestock and fishes against the disease.

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