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Fungus extract can effectively reduce the normal blood glucose levels
Jan 17, 2018

With the rapid economic development and the acceleration of industrialization, changes in lifestyles and the acceleration of the aging process, the prevalence of diabetes mellitus in China is rapidly rising. It has become another serious harm to people after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors A healthy and important chronic non-communicable disease. The statistics of 2007 show that the incidence of diabetes in China is 9.7%. The statistics of 2013 show that the prevalence of diabetes in China is 11.6%, about 113.9 million people.

The latest research shows that abalone mushrooms and freeze-dried powder of Pleurotus ostreatus can effectively reduce the normal blood glucose levels, but also to some extent affect the insulin level of diabetic patients. This should be good news for diabetics.

According to University of Colombo, glucokinase is an important sensor in the body to regulate blood glucose levels, while the dry powder of abalone mushrooms and mushrooms will affect glucokinase activity in vivo.

Studies have shown that healthy volunteers taking abalone mushrooms and mushrooms freeze-dried powder after 2 weeks, fasting and postprandial blood glucose have been significantly reduced. This means that long-term use of these two fungi on the human body to control blood sugar is very useful. In addition, the study also showed that these two fungi did not cause any liver and kidney damage in healthy volunteers.

The results showed that abalone mushrooms significantly reduced fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels in healthy subjects (6.1% and 16.4%, respectively), while Pleurotus ostreatus also showed similar effects (6.4% and 12.1%, respectively). Lyophilized powder also increases insulin levels in diabetic subjects. Both fungi promote the secretion of glucokinase in the body, while inhibiting glycogen synthase kinase and secretion, thereby promoting the liver glycogen synthesis, lower blood sugar levels. The researchers also pointed out that these two fungi have not found any liver or kidney toxicity, suitable for use as a functional food in patients with diabetes.

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