Seabuckthorn Juice Powder

Seabuckthorn Juice Powder

Product name: sea-buckthorn extract Part used: fruit Appearance: Brown fine powder Active Ingredients:Flavonoids, polysaccharide, procyanidins etc Main Specific: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% Flavonoids 10%, 20%, 40% procyanidins 20%, 30% polysaccharide Extract Method: Solvent extraction


Seabuckthorn Juice Fruit

seabuckthorn juice fruit 沙棘.jpg

Product Description

Seabuckthorn is a kind of berry plant belongs to Hippophae in Elaeagnaceae. Seabuckthorn has been planting in many parts of China which is known as a fine tree species of windbreak and sand-fixing, reducing soil erosion and improving soil conditions for its root system is developed and has the specialty of soil nitrogen fixation as well as drought-enduring, barren-resistant and salt-tolerance. The nutrient component of seabuckthorn fruit is plentiful which including multiple kinds of vitamin, fatty acid, microelement, flavone compounds and many kinds of amino acid needed by human bodies, especially the content of VC ranks first in the worlds which reaching 825-1100mg/100g. The flavone compound extracted from seabuckthorn pulp with main composition of isorhamnetin, quercetin and kaempferol.

Productname:sea-buckthorn extract



Active Ingredients:Flavonoids, polysaccharide, procyanidins etc

MainSpecific:10%, 20%, 30%, 40% Flavonoids
            10%, 20%, 40% procyanidins
            20%, 30% polysaccharide

Extract Method:Solventextraction

Functions & Application

1. Improved the metabolic processes

2. Reduction of hypertensive stress on the ventricular microvessels
3. Reduce blood pressure, blood sugar level

4. Relieve cough, aid digestion, invigorate blood circulation and alleviate pain.

5. Treating diarrhea and dermatological disorders

6. Against cancer and dengue virus.

7. Strong natural antioxidant, anti-aging


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